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Who is and isn’t endorsing Trump after his Capitol Hill meetings

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Two very different Republicans met behind closed doors today in a meeting they say went well. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and presumptive nominee Donald Trump say they're one step closer towards unifying the GOP, despite deep ideological differences between the wings of the party represented by the two leaders. The pair said in a joint statement that today was just the beginning, and they're planning more conversations in the future.

branstadX2Trump gained some local support today, from Iowa governor Terry Branstad, who says Trump is very different than President Obama. And according to the governor, that's a good thing. The Governor elaborated, "Obama's got the country going in the wrong direction and I think Trump offers an alternative that could be very attractive. I think it's important the congressional leaders and the Trump campaign be on the same page in terms of major issues."

Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, who's running a  tight race for re-election himself, has not yet endorsed Trump. And today, he said he's not entertaining any questions about Trump this week.

New Jersey governor 1220356_630x354Chris Christie has been on "Team Trump" since March, when he first endorsed and started campaigning for Trump. And now, Christie's suggesting he may become Trump's vice president. Christie explained, "Donald Trump's a very persuasive guy, you know, The fact is I was on the short list last time too, so it doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot. The list becomes really short, there's only one. So being on the short list, you know, obviously an honor to be considered for that position but I was on Mitt Romney's short list and came up short so we'll see what happens."

Former Vice President Dan Quayle announced he's backing Trump today. Quayle says he believes Trump can beat Hillary Clinton in November and put Republicans back in the White House. He also says he fully expects Speaker Ryan to support Trump.

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