Portillo’s now looking at QC’s thanks to fan’s Facebook page

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QUAD CITIES - A Quad City man with a taste for Chicago hot dogs is creating waves on Facebook. Christopher Glass wants to bring Portillo's here and from the looks of things, a lot of you agree with him.

Glass had hoped to get 1,000 likes in the first weekend but he got that within hours. Now, a week later, he has 14,000 likes and it's even gotten attention of Portillo's itself.

Glass started the page with a friend he met in a Facebook group. It was his hope the chain will make its way to the Quad Cities, and now he says he could meet with Portillo's management.

"When I stopped eating meat in June of last year I actually tweeted to Portillo's because it's my favorite restaurant and I'm like 'I'm not eating meat until you come to the Quad Cities.'"

You read that right.

Glass is a vegetarian but is willing to change all that for at least one more hot dog. He says he plans to meet with a publicist from Portillo's next week on how to keep the momentum going.

So, who knows? Maybe it's not such a long-shot after all.

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