May shopping deals offer good buys from local retailers

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MOLINE, Illinois — May is a month for getting great deals on lots of things around the Quad Cities.If you're shopping for seasonal items or stuff for the house, the time is right to do some spending.

True Value Hardware

May is mowing month for customers at Trevor True Value Hardware, 2842 16th Street, Moline.

"They're ready to work," said owner Butch Trevor.  "They've been working.  They're wiping the sweat off their forehead."

That's where Sarah Willis is delivering Toro lawn mowers. Watch prices with a goal to buy by mid-May. Stores can tell you about special discounts not found during other months.

"There's a lot of benefits and features out there," she said.  "Blades that stop, and engines that keep running."

"The mulching lawn mowers and super recycler give you the nicest look to your lawn," added Trevor.

Butch Trevor's family business dates back five generations and 129 years. Stores like his want to sell for this mowing season. Many offer a 30-day price guarantee to get the best deal.

"The aluminum deck models have much better cutting in terms of how well it maintains the yard when you're done," he said.

Take advantage of May sales that offer prices starting just under $300. Stores also offer deep discounts in Fall, but usually with less selection and availability.

Running Wild

The great outdoors beckons customers to Running Wild in Davenport.

Kathy Dunbar is shopping for new walking shoes.

"It's unbelievable how it will take the pain away," she said.

She appreciates attention at the longtime Davenport store, 3216 Brady Street.

"They will watch how you walk, and if that particular shoe will really work for you," she said.

It's all in a day's work for owner Steve Kilburg. During May, retailers often discount last season's inventory at 30-60%. That creatives some better bargains for shoppers.

"The more you run, the quicker you're going to go through your shoes," he said.

Kilburg is helping to celebrate the store's 25th anniversary by offering quality shoes that start at $120 in May. There are also good deals as Winter approaches.

"They should look to match up the shoe to the type of foot that they have," he said.

Kathy Dunbar is their latest success story.

"I feel really good," she concluded. After all that activity, it's time to get a good night's sleep.

Lebeda Mattress Factory

Stores offer exceptional discounts to make way for incoming merchandise. That's why Brian Herrick is loading a new mattress for truck-driving customers in Davenport.

"This is what they're using to get a better night's sleep when they're out on the road," said customer Brad Wiederholt.

Lebeda Mattress Factory is an Iowa-based company with 21 stores, including the one at 321 W. Kimberly Rd., Davenport.

"It's such a secondary item for so many people," said Herrick.  "However, it's the most important piece of furniture in your life."

Mattress stores typically offer deals in May, especially around Memorial Day weekend. Whenever the time, Brian says that you get what you pay for.

"You're going to look at $300-4,000," he continued. A quality Queen-size unit runs from about $1,000-1,500.

Unlike large retailers, each purchase is made to order at its Iowa factory. That pleases return customers like Wiederholt.

"The quality in your mattress is a lot better for your sleep habits and everyday life," he concluded.

Shopping deals for everybody to dream about during May.