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Moline approves deer hunt on residential property

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MOLINE, Illinois - The city of Moline approved allowing hunters to shoot deer on a residential property in the city.

It all started when a property owner approached the DNR complaining about an overpopulation of deer. The DNR did some research and found there were too many deer.

The DNR found the safest place for a hunt would be on Hunt Harris's property off of 46th Street in Moline.

"Some people may envision hunters roaming the woods, this is a very controlled situation by the DNR," said Harris.

The city council agreed with the DNR's recommendations.

"There`s been a lot of research that has gone into this and its been well covered the Illinois DNR is very protective of the deer," said alderman,  Kevin Schoonmaker.

The DNR will only permit two hunters on the property who will be off-duty policemen. The hunters will be allowed to kill ten deer.

However, some neighbors say they don't feel safe with a rifle going off in their neighborhood.

"I do not like the deer being killed with a gun. I have no problem with them being used with a bow and arrow or anything like that," said neighbor, Charlie Roth.

The city says they were told by the DNR using a rifle is more humane, unlike a bow and arrow which won't kill the deer right away.

The city says the DNR will wait until all of the fawns have been weaned from their mothers and are strong enough to be on their own before issuing the hunt.

Hunters will only be given 60 days to thin out the herd.



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