The Sharp Side on WEEKEND REFLECTION: Having Enough Time

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If I could sum up this weekend in one picture, I would choose this one:

IMG_3053This was taken Sunday morning as Zach and I were driving home from Teske’s after picking up dirt and grass seed for our front yard. It was probably a 20 minute trip – tops – but Zuno is the happiest dog in the entire world. He is just soaking up the sun, hanging with his humans, and loving life.

Once again – for what’s probably the 326th time – Zuno taught me something as he panted and passed out in the backseat… and so my weekend reflection begins.

It started with a day off from work, which is always a great way to have a good weekend – add another day onto it! I wish I could say I spent the day laying on the couch binge-watching Netflix, but no – I cleaned the house and ran a bunch of errands and did a whole lot of yard work. It was a “master the to-do list” kind of day off, which was just fine by me.

*Although, I did realize as I was walking into Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get a wedding shower gift that I am getting old… but kicking butt at it. I will be 30 in less than 3 months (yikes), but I feel like I am 20 – just way smarter than when I was actually 20… ha. I can run like 10 errands in two hours because I map them out perfectly with 90% right turns only. I can run into BBB, look up a wedding registry on my phone, pick out a gift, know exactly where in the store that gift is because I practically live at that place with how many weddings we’ve had the last few years, and be out the door in 5 minutes. Here’s the real reason I know I’m getting old, but doing so with grace and sass though – I brought 4 bags of clothes into Plato’s Closet. I walked out with 4 bags of clothes (old)… BUT they did take 6 of my things and gave me $20 (kicking butt!) – so there’s that. Then, I met Zach for dinner and made a point not to drink too much white wine because I didn’t want a headache the next morning (old).*

IMG_3037Anyway, the “to-do list conquerer who is open to the idea of turning 30 but also scared of her mind to do so”… transformed into “baby shower hostess” on Saturday. Three of my friends and I threw a joint shower for two of our friends who are about a week apart and both having daughters in just a few short weeks. It was a really fun time “showering” our girlfriends with presents, most of which were either adorable or I had NO IDEA what they were. It was a beautiful day – not just because of the weather – but because I’m feeling more and more emotional every time I watch a friend become a mom or a dad for the first time. It’s a role that several years ago we did not even think about, much less talk about and act upon, but it’s such a joy to watch them start this new chapter and I feel incredibly lucky to be 0.05% part of that.

Saturday ended with a stop by the wedding shower I ran into BBB for on Friday and then a night out with the baby shower friends + husbands to celebrate one of the first 30th birthdays of the ’86 babies in our group. By the time Sunday came around, there we were driving home from Teske’s and taking that picture of Zuno having the best time ever on his short, but sweet car ride.

After the yard work, Zach left to play golf and I was left to make a decision – start the NEXT to-do list or enjoy the weather. Obviously, the latter won. I keep reminding myself how LUCKY we are to be having this kind of warmth this early in the year. Between last weekend and this weekend, I’ve tried to spend as much of it outside – even if that means bringing my laptop with me to pay bills, meal plan, go through emails, do research for work, and yes – write a blog post. I just can’t waste away days like these by sitting inside watching whatever is on our DVR or organizing the messiest basement on the planet. I don’t mean to get all religious on you, but days like these are a gift from God and I am happy to be a recipient.

My sunny Sunday became even more special when one of my dear friends and a new mama was able to take 30 minutes away from her super busy weekend visiting half of Illinois to walk to and from Whitey’s with me. While walked and inhaled our ice cream, we talked about how when your life changes – like having a baby, haha – your priorities change too and what was once something you took for granted (an hour-long yoga class, a drive across the state that can be done in 3 hours, a 20-minute bath) is now a specialty. So, when you are able to get it in – go to yoga, have some “me” time in the tub, or meet a friend for a quick cup of ice cream – you appreciate it so much more. You LEARN to appreciate those moments so much more.

That’s the real way I can tell I’m getting older – is realizing that. I’m happy I’m realizing it now and not in another 10 years. Even though I don’t have a little one or one on the way, I think it’s a lesson anyone can learn and start applying to their life…


…which is why this picture of Zuno is the perfect summary of a perfect weekend. It’s never long enough – neither is that car ride – but for the minutes you have, it’s absolutely enough time to soak up the sun, hang with our humans, and love life.

– A