The Loop shuttle bus service discontinued

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The Quad Cities transportation service, "The Loop" will not return for 2016.  The Bi-State Regional Commission said there was no more funding to keep the four buses rolling.

One Quad City resident that took "The Loop" remembers how friendly the drivers were.

"The lady driver was just so nice, she saw us standing here in the middle waiting to cross and she stopped right in the middle of the street and goes you guys look so cold go ahead and hop in now," said Kathy Carlson, Rock Island.

For people that lived in the Village of East Davenport they loved the convenience of being able to hop on bus to get to their next destination.

"I was super bummed because we use it a lot in the summertime and actually I`d use it year-round if they`d offer it year-round," said Paige Nagle, Davenport.

Uber is becoming more popular in the Quad Cities and some residents believe that uber is easier to use.

"It`s kinda a sign of the times I mean with uber new to the quad cities everybody's just transferring to that, now they don`t have to wait around for 'The Loop' to come around," said Callahan Herrig, Davenport.

The announcement came Monday, April 25, 2016.

The City of Bettendorf, the City of Davenport, and MetroLINK had coordinated the service.  It was funded by a three-year Iowa Clean Air Attainment Program grant.

"Through cost-saving measures, local operators were able to keep the service rolling for an additional two seasons," said a statement from the Bi-State Regional Commission.  After all the grant money was spent, organizers decided that "continuing the service without the supplemental funding is not a viable option."

The Loop had run since February of 2010, making the rounds from downtown to downtown in Bettendorf, Davenport, Moline, Rock Island, and the Village of East Davenport.

It normally ran from May through October, and would be out for special events like New Years Eve and St. Patrick's Day.