Dozens of car windows shot out in Ames, IA vandalism spree

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AMES, Iowa -- Dozens of car windows have been reportedly shot out by BB guns.

In late-April 2016, police in Ames said they had recently taken 34 reports involved in this vandalism spree, according to a report by WHO-TV out of Des Moines.  Police say they've never seen a vandalism spree this large before.

"I know earlier in the spring we had a report where there were quite a few cars, but it was probably only about six," Sergeant Christine Crippen said, according to WHO. "So 34, yeah that`s a big amount right now."

The vandalism area has spanned from the area near Florida Avenue, where the first reports were coming from, onto the Southdale neighborhood.

According to Sgt. Crippen, with more than $10,000 in damages, whoever is responsible is going to be in serious trouble, WHO reported.  Depending on the age of the culprit, they could end up in adult court.

Police say they believe two juveniles may be behind this.