Watch as TV reporter rescues man stranded in floodwaters

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An incredible scene across the metro Houston area this morning where as much as 14 inches of rain has fallen. Many of the city’s interstates and freeways are shut down as rainfall is causing rivers and bayous to flood. Homes are inundated as residents are in awe after much of the city was flooded out over Memorial Day Weekend in 2015.

DuringĀ  KTRK-TV’s live coverage this morning, Meteorologist Travis Herzog said “Catastrophic, unprecedented flooding is ongoing now. Much worse than the flooding last year.” Reporter Steve Campion was reporting on the flooding when he noticed a man who was in a car that was stranded in the floodwater. As the car began floating, he yelled “You’ll have to swim.” The man did, and he lent a helping hand, helping get the stunned man to safety.


Watch KTRK-TV’s live coverage