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Trump supporter says no thanks to emails recruiting Cruz delegates in Illinois

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Trump and Cruz

GALESBURG, Illinois – Fred Andrews is a lifelong Democrat, who has voted Republican, only once.

“I just can’t vote for Hillary Clinton. No way, This is the first time I’ve ever went Republican. I voted for Trump.l I’m tired of the politicians, and kinda liked what he had to say”, Andrews, a retired police chief from Abingdon, Illinois said.

Andrews was surprised to receive five recent emails from the Ted Cruz campaign, asking him to support electing Cruz delegates, or become a Cruz delegate when theĀ  Republicans meet in May at their state convention.

“I didn’t understand it at first. How can he do this, how can somebody who lost, try to get delegates?”, he wondered.

While Donald Trump won the Illinois GOP primary in March, there are still 12 at-large delegates to be chosen for the National Convention in Cleveland. Cruz is going after them, in anticipation of a brokered convention.

Under the nominating rules for the RNC, if Trump can’t manage a majority on the first vote at the convention, delegates can throw support to other candidates.

“It’s absolutely smart, it’s an understanding of the way the rules work”, said Andy Civettini, a political science professor at Knox College in Galesburg.

Andrews has read up on the rules for a brokered convention, something he hasn’t seen in his lifetime. He still doesn’t agree with them.

“Trump can get the most votes, and still not win. It’s sneaky and underhanded”, he said.

Meanwhile, he admits Trump has lost some of his luster since the Illinois primary, saying he hit below the belt when he went after Cruz’s wife.

“He’s kind of self-destructed. I am conflicted, but I don’t see anyone else better”, he said.

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