Necker’s Gift of Giving salutes Children’s Therapy Center

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MOLINE, Illinois -

At the Children's Therapy Center of the Quad Cities, Griffin Lyman is ready for action.

"He is the most delightful, wonderful child you'll ever meet," said his dad, Todd Lyman.

The six-year-old from Sterling, Illinois, suffers with something called Sensory Processing Disorder.

Basically, it's tough for him to talk, sit still or focus.

"Honestly, without Children's Therapy Center, his options would be a lot less," said his mom, Jill Lyman.

Twice-weekly sessions with Occupational Therapist Christy Hansen look like a lot of fun, but it's really serious business to improve his health

"We do tons of movement, what we call heavy work," she said.  "We use weighted things, lifting, pushing and pulling."

The Lymans regularly make a 90-minute round-trip commute from Sterling.

"We literally were able to hunt down and find the best of the best," Todd said.  "We found it here."

They've been making the trek for three years.

"From day one, we have felt at home," he continued.

That's because the Children's Therapy Center offers services they can't find close to home.

"It's one of those things where you're scared for them because you want the best for your kids," said Jill.

For the Lymans and hundreds of other families, the center is a real source of hope.

Their two younger children, Winnie and Everleigh, also receive therapy there.

While insurance only covers a portion of their expenses, no child is ever turned away because of the cost.

The Lymans are able to pay what they can afford, thanks to the Children's Therapy Center Telethon.

It airs on Sunday, April 10, 2016,  from 11-5, on WQAD.

"The telethon is a Godsend," Jill said.  "A lot of things that we couldn't help him with or get for him, they're able to help us."

These days, Griffin is making a lot of progress.

Each session seems to bring out the best in this energetic youngster.

"Now, he can work through it and regulate himself," Hansen said.  "Be able to come back, regain composure and complete the activity."

The center is helping Griffin to aim high.

He'll be starting Kindergarten in Fall 2016.

"It's truly remarkable to see his progress," said Todd.

Thanks to the Children's Therapy Center, Griffin is full of smiles and ready to embrace the future.

"Without them, we wouldn't be here," Jill concluded.  "And without people making donations to the telethon, they wouldn't be able to help us."

In this Gift of Giving, a portion of April sales at Necker's will go to the Children's Therapy Center.

The Children's Therapy Center is at  1504 13th Avenue in Moline.

You can reach the center by phone at: (309) 762-9552.




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