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Easter Weather Folklore: which ones are believable

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I hope you had a great Easter holiday! Hopefully it was a day spent with family and friends. A lot of you shared some Easter Folklore with me over the weekend. Today, I decided to see which ones were the most believable!

First, “If it rains on Easter Sunday, it will rain every Sunday for seven weeks.” Is this true? Well, let’s consider that this is typically a pretty rainy time of the year. Storm systems tend to be more progressive this time of year. That means that we can expect rain every five to seven days. So, it’s conceivable that we may have more rainy weekends than not. We also have to consider the folklore that says “April showers bring May flowers.”

“If there’s enough rain on Easter Sunday to wet a pocket handkerchief, there will be a good crop this year.” Since the date of Easter changes, it’s hard to look at which wet Easters have been linked to good precipitation and temperature trends for the late Spring and early Summer. This one is a little harder to accurately link to the weather.

“The weather on the first Sunday after Easter settles the weather for the whole Summer.” This Sunday’s forecast is for partly cloudy skies and highs in the 45-50 degree range…much cooler than normal. So, if this folklore is to be believed, we’ll have a cool, dry Summer. The National Weather Service is forecasting the opposite. Below is the long-lead forecast for the Summer which shows warmer-than-normal temperatures across the entire country.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensenoff04_temp


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