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Davenport drug bust leads officers to an unexpected find

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- It all started as a drug investigation that led into something much bigger. Eleven guns seized in two Davenport homes.

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"We didn't expect to find that many, so it is quite a large find," says James Rieck, director of Quad Cities Metropolitan Enforcement Group.

Together Davenport detectives and undercover drug agents arrested 19-year-old Cody Williamson and 21-year-old Adan Herrera at two different locations.

Four guns were found at 1301 Warren Street in Davenport, two of which were reported stolen.

Seven guns were found at 2115 W. 68th Street.

Officers say getting these weapons off the streets is important especially now when gun crimes are up in the Quad Cities.

"You can make a significant impact on the violence that's occurring anytime you can take the guns away from gang members or others who have them illegally. It's going to make an impact," says Rieck.

This bust mirrors a nationwide trend that directly links drugs to firearms.

"More and more, our narcotics investigations we're finding anytime we're dealing with gangs, we're finding more and more guns," says Rieck.

This big bust will go down in the books as a success, but police say they will continue working diligently to keep people safe.

"We're focused on where the next one's going to happen at. Our officers are out there right now working and trying to identify where there's more guns and narcotics on the streets," says Rieck.

Police continue to investigate this incident, looking for potential connections to other gun related crimes.

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