Rising Mississippi waters welcomed by local fisherman

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Some come down to simply stare in hesitation and awe of the flood waters while others don't waste any time jumping at the opportunity.

In just 10 minutes of fishing off the banks of LeClaire Park in downtown Davenport, Bob Appleby catches, what he calls, a "stripey".

Appleby has been fishing on the Mighty Mississippi for more than 65 years. And flooding means one thing to him, good fishing.

On Sunday in the Quad Cities, the river reached just over flood stage coming in at 15.3 ft. It's expected to rise another four inches before cresting on Monday causing minor flooding to areas like LeClaire Park.

The Davenport Public Works Department has put up hescoes at the ramp in LeClaire Park already. They say they will be monitoring the water levels closely in case they have to tend to other problem areas.

But Appleby isn't bothered by the weather. In fact, he embraces it.

"I'm wearing m camouflage boots that come up to me knees and m camouflage rain jacket and gloves. Otherwise, it's nice weather," says Appleby.

He's not willing to miss out on a good fishing opportunity just yet.

"Right now they're coming up through here spawning. All the fish are. But it's a lot of fun to catch them," says Appleby.

Appleby says he won't fish if the waters get too high, but for now, that's not his concern. He has his catch in a bucket and his pole in his hand, a successful day out on the water.

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