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Men accused of using fake purchases to get to cash in Davenport robberies

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Investigators say three Davenport men are suspected of committing at least three business robberies in less than 24 hours.

Several of the crimes were reported Monday, March 21, 2016; victim businesses included the Brady Mart at 3107 Brady Street, Gas Depot at 3108 W. Central Park, and Walmart at 3101 Kimberly Road.

One of the suspects is also accused of robbing the Hilltop Grocery at 1312 Harrison on December 17, 2015; during that robbery, police said, approximately $2,976 was taken.

Police said the same mode of operation was involved in each of the robberies: one person was a lookout at the door while the others went inside and committed the robbery, and that the suspects used the ruse of a purchase to get the clerk to open the cash register each time.

During the Brady Mart robbery, at around 12:30 a.m. March 21, one of the men physically forced the clerk away from the open cash register as the suspects took about $2,000 in cash, 15-20 mobile phones and alcohol, police said.

During the Walmart robbery, at about 7:30 a.m. March 21, the store clerk opened the cash register as one of the suspects bought an item.  When the drawer was open, one of the men allegedly leaned over the counter and tried to take money from the register drawer, but the clerk was able to shut the drawer without any money being taken.

During the Gas Depot robbery, at about 8:15 p.m. March 21, three men reportedly went into the store and one of them climbed over the counter and took all of the cash when the register was opened.  The clerk tried to stop him, but backed down when one of the suspects allegedly raised a fist and threatened the clerk.  In addition to $1,109 in cash, the men allegedly stole cigars and several bottles of liquor.

Dwayne Hollingshead, 18, was charged with two counts of second-degree robbery and conspiracy to commit a forcible felony in connection with the Brady Mart and Gas Depot robberies; and with first-degree theft for the Walmart incident. Police said Hollingshead was identified because his clothing matched the description of one of the robbery suspects.

Joseph Richardson, 20, was charged with second-degree robbery and conspiracy to commit a forcible felony in connection with the Gas Depot robbery.

Calvin Davis, 23, was charged with three counts of second-degree robbery; one in connection with the December robbery at Hilltop Grocery, to which he allegedly confessed, as well one each for the Brady Mart and Gas Depot robberies.  He was also charged with first-degree theft for the Walmart incident.

"Detectives continue the investigation for connection to other incidents.  Additional charges are pending," said a statement from the Davenport Police Department.

All three men remained held in the Scott County Jail.