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Davenport School Board reacts to proposed school aid increase

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Iowa lawmakers proposed a 2.25 percent increase in school aid Tuesday, but the Davenport School Board says that's not enough to meet the needs of their students.

Under the proposed increase, the  Davenport School Board would have cut about $5 million from their budget as opposed to the $1 million they would need to cut if the proposal was raised to three percent.

Rich Clewell, vice president of the Davenport School Board, says it's not just Davenport schools that fear higher budget cuts.

"There's going to come a time to pay and what boards across the state are trying to convince the legislature of is that the time for children is now, their name is today, not tomorrow. If we fail to meet the needs today our cost in the long run will be much higher," he says.

Clewell says the board will move forward with dipping into the district's reserve funds to support the needs of Davenport students if the current proposed state aid increase goes into effect.