Davenport CSD seeks buyer for former Lincoln School

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — Davenport Community School District is looking for proposals to sell former Lincoln School building and the adjacent parking lot at 318 E. Seventh St., Davenport.

But the district isn’t just going to sell the building to just anyone.

The Board of Directors will consider proposals that include the offer price, any and all conditions precedent to closing, the proposer’s planned use for the property and a description of how the use of the property will benefit the community.

The property is available for inspection by appointment through April 28 and proposals are due to the district by May 27, 2016.

The building was built in 1939 with additions added in 1953 and 1961. A complete fire sprinkler was installed in 2013. The three boilers were replaced in 2004.

Selling the property will save the district about $50,000 per year.

Once sold, programs such as the daycare and boxing program will need to find a new space to operate.

“If the board ultimately decides yes, we’re going to sell it then we’ll know that we need to place the Lincoln folk somewhere – we’ll figure all that out, we’ll see what space if any is remaining at JB Young and that will be the space available for community services,” said Mike Maloney, Director of Operations for Davenport Schools.

For appointments to inspect the property,  call Kris Kleinsmith or Mike Maloney at the Davenport Community School District at 563-386-3351.

Additional information on this property can be found on the Davenport Community School District’s website.

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