Bettendorf LED streetlight project to be completed by May, will save $47,000 per year

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Vector Street Lamp Isolated on White Background

BETTENDORF, Iowa — MidAmerican Energy plans to transition away from the High Pressure Sodium streetlights currently used and begin to install Light Emitting Diode (LED) streetlights within the next 10 years.

Instead of waiting for lights to burn out to replace them with LED lighting, the Bettendorf, Iowa city council decided to expedite the project and will complete the transition by May 2016. This process will save the city in lighting costs and will pay itself off in under four years, according to Lauran Haldeman, public information officer.

MidAmerican will replace just over 1,850 lights that will cost the city $185,800. Annual savings is expected to come in around $47,000.

The city of Bettendorf has already been replacing traffic signal and city owned street lights in the downtown area with LED lighting to save on cost.

“Because of the joint efforts of the City of Bettendorf and MidAmerican Energy Company, these energy efficiency upgrades are saving energy and saving taxpayer dollars in the long run – but most importantly this means better lighting and safer neighborhoods for our community,” said Haldeman.

Anyone with questions concerning the upgrade can contact Bettendorf City Administrator Becker Ploehn at 563-344-4007 or email