Moline teen known for act of kindness at Whitey’s announces he’s cancer free

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Hundreds of people have been following the story of Brenden McGee.

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The Whitey's worker went viral with a random act of kindness, then faced his own struggle after being diagnosed with cancer late last year. Now, his family has big news posed on Facebook, that Brenden is now cancer free.

It's now come full circle for 16-year-old McGee. Whitey's is the place where hundreds of people first heard his name, and now, it's the place where his family is enjoying some ice cream, celebrating the news that Brenden is cancer free.

"Just a big relief, I`d say. Definitely the overwhelmingness of relief," Brenden said.

Brenden was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in December, and now he can share good news with everyone.

"I think in some ways, it`s felt like it`s been a blink of an eye, and other ways it feels like it`s been a very long process. Now, we just have to find our new normal," Brenden's mother Marcy McGee said.

That new normal for Brenden is living life on his terms, whether that's spending time with friends, or having a night out with his mom.

He doesn't focus on the pains of his battle, like feeling weak and sick from chemotherapy. Brenden focuses in on his moments of strength.

"Definitely be the days where I was feeling good and up to doing stuff with my friends and working and being able to be me again," Brenden said.

Brenden's mom says that he's been the one to help her through the past few months.

"He`s pretty amazing," McGee said.

He says his motivation to fight every day was never too far away.

"Honestly, I think it was my mom. Her and my friends, they definitely made it easier to go through it all with them being next to me the whole time," Brenden said.

Cancer is now part of Brenden's past, and his future can now include many more trips to Whitey's for a chocolate shake.

Even though he is officially cancer free, Brenden will still go through three weeks of radiation treatment to make sure that he limits his chances of the cancer coming back.

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