Jury hits Gawker with another $25 million in Hulk Hogan sex video case

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ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (AP) – A jury has hit Gawker Media with $15 million in punitive damages and its owner with $10 million, adding to the $115 million it awarded last week for publishing a sex video of Hulk Hogan.

The jury returned its decision Monday, March 21, 2016.

From the size of the punitive award, it was clear that the jury wanted to punish Gawker even more.

During brief arguments Monday, Gawker’s lawyer pleaded that the Friday verdict is already “debilitating” for the company.

Hogan’s attorney said jurors were in a position to “send a message” and deter others.

Friday’s $115 million award was for economic harm and emotional distress. Monday’s award, in the words of Hogan attorney Kenneth Turkel, was to punish recklessness and to send a message to other media companies.


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