Why we have snow coming, even with temperatures above freezing

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Winter is not over yet! We officially have two more days before Spring begins. This weekend, we'll have a chance of some snow!

But what's odd about the snow this weekend is it will fall with temperatures above freezing. How does that happen, you say?  Temperatures will top out around 45 degrees on Saturday with snow showers. But that 45 degrees is here at the bottom of the atmosphere. Within the clouds, temperatures will be well below freezing. So the clouds will actually be producing snow! Most of that snow will melt on the way down, but we can't be sure that all of them will.

So, we'll have a few bursts of rain and snow. In the strongest precipitation, some of the snow could come down heavy enough to accumulate on grassy surfaces. Anything that does add up will melt off within an hour or so.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen