Tornado victims take a lunch break at Wildwood Church

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EAST MOLINE, Illinois — Several church members gathered at Wildwood Church to prepare lunch for victims and clean-up volunteers of Tuesday's tornado damage. Donations to the church poured in for effected people.

"I think everyone here wanted to help in anyway they could," Gary Davison, Wildwood Church member and volunteer server said.

United Township High School seniors Jake Meeske and Bryant Jefferson spent the morning picking up debris at Meeske's grandpa's farm. The same night their basketball season came to an end, after losing a super sectional basketball game, the tornado struck their hometown.

"The season ended, and tornado hit the farm... bad day," Meeske said. "We're fortunate for our church body to have food for us."

Dozens of people went to the lunch and were able to take food and water with them as they returned to work, picking up the pieces of the tornado's damage.