Quad City Students Travel to Peru with one Special Purpose

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Students, faculty and parents got a head start on packing for spring break.

"We had been planning a trip to Peru. The kids wanted to go as a bucket list," says Pleasant Valley teacher Stephanie Risius.

But it wasn't your typical swim suits, sun glasses, and sun tan lotion these students filled their suitcases with. Instead things like vitamins, school supplies and toys were at the top of the packing lists, all donations from the Pleasant Valley community.

Everything donated will go to a school for underprivileged kids outside of Lima, Peru. It's a school run by a charity called Voices for Peru run by Daniel Klopp, a PV alumnus.

Risius says it's an experience all her students can learn from.

"We get stuck in our own little world and we think life is rough, but there are so many other people with so many other issues we can't even understand," says Risius.

The group originally expected to donate around 10 suitcases filled with supplies, but when the last zipper was zipped, they finished with a total of 35.

"I think it gives the trip a whole new meaning other than just spring break vacation. It really gives you a sense of pride for your school," says PV junior Abbey Schaller.

It's a classic case of Spartans helping Spartans no matter how far away.

The students will depart for their trip on March 12, and they will return March 20.