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University of Iowa offers ‘micro-scholarship’ credits to high school students

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Good grades, club participation and community service could earn high school students a scholarship to the University of Iowa, reports Iowa Public Radio. The scholarships would offer up to $1,200 that they're calling "micro-scholarships."

The university announced their plan Wednesday and is one of many schools offering the scholarship credits through the Raise.Me program. Students can earn credits for things like perfect attendance and participation in band or sports.

A student taking four years of a foreign language during their high school career earns $100. Perfect attendance credits $75.

"It is our hope that these micro-scholarships make a difference in student behavior, and after an evaluation period with feedback from the schools and counselors, we'll be able to expand this program throughout the entire state," University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld said.

One district in each of Iowa's 99 counties are eligible for the program. Counties selected had the most eligible students for free and reduced lunches in the 2015-16 school year.

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