Knox County gets ‘Smart’ about the way they handle emergency calls

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Knox County residents will soon be able to share crucial information with first responders at the touch of a button. The county is finalizing contracts for a system called "Smart 9-1-1."

Using an app or computer, people will be able to create a profile for dispatchers that includes medical conditions, photos, and even house layouts.

Rescue crews say the service will be a valuable time saver.

"To have all of that information and be able to just go ahead and not have to ask, tie up time by asking questions for which we already have the answers, I think that`s another huge component," said coordinator Vicki Miller.

The program will be paid for through Knox County's public safety tax and cost about $15,000 a year. The county is also in the process of setting up a system that will allow people to text 9-1-1 instead of having to call.

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