Morrison’s video game club helps students succeed on and off the computer

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There's a new sport at Morrison High School that doesn't require much physical activity. It's joining the already growing popularity in electronic sports. The new club is giving students the motivation to succeed on and off the computer.

The halls are normally quiet after class at Morrison High School, but twice a week you can hear some unfamiliar sounds. This is the first year for Morrison's new eSports Club, where students can play electronic video games. The students practice for matches.

eSports has become a movement, it's a term for organized multi-player video game competitions. However, these students will tell you it's more than just having fun.

"You have to do a lot of simple math, a lot of angles and trajectory," said Parker Zickert.

Their adviser Duane Shaffer, says it's giving them motivation to do better in school. Students have to have good grades to be eligible. There are also college scholarships for students who excel in eSports.

"There`s one student in particular now passing almost every single class, where as last year he didn`t pass a single thing," said Shaffer.

They're biggest challenge is finding teams to compete with, since not many schools in the area have a similar club. Shaffer says it's not expensive to have, most of the games can be played online for free. They're hoping to compete in their first tournament at Northern Illinois University in May.

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