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No outside treats allowed in some Iowa schools

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ANKENY, Iowa (AP) — The school district in Ankeny has adopted a new policy banning homemade and store-bought treats from classroom celebrations.

The Des Moines Register reports that the decision comes on the heels of schools nationwide eliminating Valentine’s Day parties to replace them with generic celebrations.

Ankeny schools’ chief operating officer, Matt Adams, says the policy change ensures that every student can participate, including those with allergies or those who are unable to afford store-bought snacks.

The district’s policy says permitted food must be purchased through the district’s food service department items, which are healthier and limit allergen exposure.

According to a food order sheet for Friday’s “friendship parties,” two-dozen cookies cost $16.80, two-dozen Rice Krispies bars cost $24 and two dozen packets of baby carrots with ranch cost $18.