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Alleged drunk driver crashes into fire truck in Bettendorf

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A 60-year-old Bettendorf man was arrested after he allegedly drove a truck through a working fire scene and crashed into a fire truck.

Firefighters were at a call in the 1100 block of 16th Street, and reported the incident to their dispatcher just after midnight Friday morning, February 12, 2016.

Robert Sikma allegedly drove his Chevrolet Silverado through the fire scene and clipped a parked fire engine before he backed up, drove through his yard, and parked in his driveway, according to a spokesperson for the City of Bettendorf.

Sikma then want into his house, where police found and arrested him a short time later.

Sikma admitted to driving, the spokesperson said.

Sikma was charged with OWI first offense, and failure to maintain control.  Jail records showed he spent about an hour in jail before he was released.

Sikma's truck was damaged; the front bumper and a plastic red light were damaged on the fire truck.

No injuries were reported.