Super Bowl Sunday brings extra Challenges for Quad City Police

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The dining room at Happy Joe's may be empty, but in the kitchen, things are just heating up.

Preparation for busy days like Super Bowl Sunday starts a week in advance.

"We're making sure we have enough people scheduled, prepping more food, ordering more food, and planning for our specials," says Happy Joe's manager Greg Holst.

Also, police departments around the Quad Cities gear up for a long night.

"On Super Bowl Sunday, it's significantly busier than on a normal Sunday," says Blue Grass Patrol Sergeant Garrett Jahns.

Officers are out looking for three specific things; that everyone's buckled up, not speeding, and isn't driving under the influence.

Jahns says if you get stopped for drunk driving, you'll get a one way ticket to jail and face up to a $10,000 fine.

Jahns says the key is to always plan ahead, a tip drivers and businesses take very seriously.

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