Small caucus site at Clinton County farm still has record turn-out

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It was a reunion of sorts for some people in Clinton County. The Republican caucus is back again.

"A few of the people, we know each other and every four years, we cross paths, or every two years when this happens and we just don't see each other very often," caucus host Dennis Campbell said.

Campbell was host to one of the caucus sites, opening up his farm shop for the night. This caucus usually only has 20 to 30 people show up, but 63 people walked through the door ready to write down who they wanted to see as President.

"For us, I think it's important to have these good discussions among friends, to sit down and talk about what we as Republicans really consider to be our key issues," Campbell said.

One of those people is Campbell's daughter, Claire, who is caucusing for the first time.

"I think it's really important to go out their and exercise your right as a citizen to vote, and I think it's really exciting to see the turn-out," Claire Campbell said.

She says that the smaller location makes understanding the process easier, and she didn't feel intimidated to be open about her thoughts.

"It definitely makes it more personable. Most of the people know each other here, so they can go ahead and talk. It's more of a social gathering as well. It allows them to be more comfortable to share their thoughts," Claire Campbell said.

In 30 minutes, the process started and finished, with everyone in this rural community moving on from the Iowa Caucus united in their choice.

Even though they ran out of chairs, people didn't mind leaning against some of the equipment and tool sets. This record-setting group would've met anywhere if it meant showing up and casting a vote.