Local sites among Iowa precincts with record caucus turnout

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Standing room only was the scene as Democrats caucused at Pleasant Valley High School in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Although the turnout was nowhere near what they saw in 2008 - the year President Obama won Iowa - organizers said they were thrilled with the turnout.

The Bettendorf location seemed to represent a statewide trend in Iowa.  Barely any margin separated votes for Bernie Sanders and those for Hillary Clinton.  Martin O'Malley did not receive enough support to be declared a viable candidate.

There were four undecided voters among those at Pleasant Valley High School; by the end of the evening, three of them went to the Sanders camp and one went to Hillary Clinton.

The final tally was 134 for Sanders and 120 for Clinton.  Statistically, that was an even split, and each candidate received three delegates to the county convention in March.