Trump holds rally in Quad Cities for one final stop before Caucus

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If you don't know which presidential candidate you're voting for yet and you're from Iowa, now's the time to decide.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump took the stage at the Adler Theater for one last rally in the Quad Cities before the caucus on Monday.

Trump talked about his views on things like gun free zones and immigration

He finished up by making a point to emphasize to Iowans the importance of getting out to caucus.

"The polls don't matter. Nothing matters. The only thing that matters is the polls taken on Monday," says Trump.

Rally attendees took that message to heart. It even resonated with first time voters who say now, they will be caucusing on Monday.

Right now according to Real Clear Politics, Trump has a six point lead over Senator Ted Cruz, and for some, tonight helped solidify their decision.

"Donald Trump's the only honest man. He can make deals, and he can make change. He's the only guy right for this job. That's why I'm going to vote for him," said one first time Iowa voter.