Geneseo program promotes laughter to feel well and be well

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A new program in the Quad Cities is aimed at getting more people to laugh at what's usually considered a quiet space. One woman in Geneseo is trying to bring laughter to her community.

Kathi Fluck of Geneseo says she wanted to do something after she noticed she wasn't laughing as much as she used to. After doing research she found there were laughter groups across the country, but none in the Quad City area.

Tuesday night was the first session of Laughter at the Library. A certified laughter leader was invited to lead Tuesday's group, teaching laughing exercises.

"As we get older we, you know become inhibited. We tend to you know have so much stress, you got work, you got family, whatever the case may be and we stifle that laughter," said Chris Thompson, a certified laughter leader for World Laughter Tour.

The program is to help people remember it's good for their health, "It just makes you feel good especially in the winter months, you know we tend to be more depressed, so if we laugh it helps," said Thompson.

Other free sessions will be held on the second and fourth Tuesday this month at the Geneseo Library. The program's facilitator says future sessions will include watching old TV shows and laughter yoga.


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