Politics meets pop culture: Best of 2015

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(CNN) — 2015 proved to be a year for the books.

Candidates like Donald Trump and Deez Nuts kept political pundits on their toes, a papal visit brought members of Congress to tears, and Hillary Clinton road-tripped through Iowa in a “Scooby-Doo” van.

As always, some of the most memorable moments took place when pop culture married politics.

Here were some of the most notable politics-meets-pop moments of 2015:

1) The Bernie Sanders-Killer Mike fist bumpIem-tB

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sat down for an hour-long interview with Atlanta-based rapper Killer Mike, which revealed a more laid-back side to Sanders. The two discussed the political process, what it’s like to run against Clinton and the NRA, among other things. But perhaps the Internet’s favorite part of the conversation between the unlikely duo: this GIF-worthy fist bump:

2) Hillary, meet Val

“Saturday Night Live” never fails to entertain during lively political seasons, and this year was no different. One of the most noteworthy political skits this season featured SNL cast member Kate McKinnon playing the Democratic front-runner, while Clinton played a bartender named “Val.” The skit featured Clinton as “Val” impersonating Trump, and ended with the two ladies performing a rendition of “Lean on Me.”

3) Mike Huckabee stands by Josh Duggar

When the Duggars’ reality TV show was pulled off air for a scandal that revealed their eldest son had faced multiple allegations of child molestation, GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee stood by the “19 Kids and Counting” stars. “Good people make mistakes and do regrettable and even disgusting things,” Huckabee said. The Duggars have a history of activism with the GOP, and had previously met with a number of presidential hopefuls — but not all were as forgiving as Huckabee.

4) Selfies with celebs

Clinton’s efforts to connect with younger voters did not go unnoticed. She was seen taking selfies with a number of celebrities this year, including singer Katy Perry and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian. Perry opened for Clinton at one of her October rallies in Des Moines, Iowa, while Clinton also sat down with “Girls” star Lena Dunham where they chatted about issues such as feminism and Clinton’s personal life.

5) Martin O’Malley on ‘The View’

In response to Perry’s benefit concert for Clinton, Democratic rival Martin O’Malley brought his guitar with him to “The View.” At the end of the interview, O’Malley sang a verse of Taylor Swift’s chart-topper “Bad Blood” while strumming along the melody on his guitar.

6) Taylor Swift at the Capitol frenzy

Interns and congressmen alike were up in arms when rumors floated around that Swift was at the U.S. Capitol this summer. She was allegedly seen on a tour in the Captiol’s rotunda the same week she was scheduled to have a concert in the District at Nationals Park. However, it was never confirmed whether Swift was actually on Capitol Hill that day — either way, the legislature revealed that it is full of “Swifties.”

7) Jeb Bush “slow jams” the news

The Florida governor appeared on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” shortly after announcing his candidacy for president. Not only did he perform alongside Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, where the two “slow jammed” the news, but Bush also shared his famous recipe for guacamole and gave Fallon tips on how to best impersonate him.

8) Larry David poses as Bernie Sanders

Comedic legend Larry David appeared on SNL this season for the impersonation everyone was waiting for: Bernie Sanders. David, as Sanders, complained about the difficulty in recovering email passwords, his “one pair of clean underwear” that he dries on a radiator and kvetched about banks chaining pens to counters. Not long after the skit aired, the real Sanders reassured the American electorate that he did, in fact, own an “ample supply of underwear.”  Click here to watch the video

9) Donald Trump hosts SNL

Despite protests that led up to the show, Trump hosted SNL in November for his second time (but first time as a politician). Trump “dad-danced” to Drake’s hit song, “Hotline Bling,” and gave America some insight into what a meeting inside the Oval Office with Trump as president might look like. They even humored “The Apprentice” fans and featured Omarosa as Trump’s secretary of state. Click here to watch the video

10) The Obamas visit Broadway

President Barack Obama proved “cool dad” status on a trip to New York where he accompanied his daughters to one of the most talked about Broadway shows this season, “Hamilton.” The President was seen giving a standing ovation at the end of the hit musical, which is based on Alexander Hamilton’s life.

11) Stormtroopers accompany Josh Earnest to the daily press briefing

The White House press corps was in for a treat on the day “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” premiered. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest brought some friends along to the daily press: a pair of stormtroopers and R2-D2. Even the President confessed he had to run to catch the White House screening of the highly anticipated movie.

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