The Sharp Side on WORKIN’ WEEKENDS: Actually, That’s About To Change…

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…because tonight is my last night anchoring the weekend newscasts on WQAD.

NO, I’m NOT leaving (thank goodness) – just shifting my shift as we start something new at News 8…

News 8 at 9pm!

I promise this does NOT impact your favorite 9pm shows on WQAD/ABC. Trust me, I would have said “HECK NO” if anything stood in the way between me (and all of us, let’s be honest here) watching The Bachelor…

Instead, we will be launching a live half-hour newscast on My TV 8.3 starting (drum roll please…) Monday, January 4th, 2016 at 9pm SHARP (pun intended…with pride). It will air every day and I will be anchoring the show during the week – Mondays through Fridays. No Saturdays. No Sundays. No Weekends.

1526587_798175428212_286343191_nIt was exactly 136 weekends ago – May 25th, 2013 – when I started my stint as Weekend Anchor at WQAD. I remember exactly what I was wearing, because A) I have this weirdly-filtered picture of me and Zach that we took at Bent River after my first night and B) I always remember what I wore on the most important days of my life (In fact, I still have the shirt I wore the night I met Zach at Rookie’s in 2008). More importantly though, I remember exactly how I felt when I sat in that anchor chair and read my name for the first time without having to say “[First Name, Last Name] is off tonight” afterwards. I wasn’t filling in for anyone anymore. I wasn’t practicing during an off hour when no one was watching and the studio lights were half off. I wasn’t a little girl sitting in front of my TV repeating whatever the “Good Morning America” Anchors were saying. I was actually living out my dream… and there was no where else I wanted to be.

Of course, there were times where I wanted to be at the dinner/baby shower/bridal shower/wedding reception/birthday party/pool party/sporting event/[insert other fun Saturday or Sunday events here that don’t happen on Mondays or Tuesdays] instead of working the weekend. I tried my hardest not to miss important events in my family’s/friend’s lives… but I couldn’t make it to everything. I knew that. I have missed my nephew’s 2nd, 3rd, and 4th birthday parties. I’m not happy about that. However, as I sat in that chair on those nights where I was secretly wanting to be somewhere else, I also knew that this was part of the journey. I knew I had to put in the time. I knew that I had to work this shift to stay humble later in life. I knew that I had to work hard – no matter what day it was or what time of day – in order to hopefully someday be in the exact position I’m in now.

AbeWhen I announced my new job to a family friend a couple days ago, she said: “It just goes to show that good things come to those who wait” and before I could even respond, my Dad – who is known for quoting Abraham Lincoln – replied: “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” I could not agree more. I will never be able to thank my parents enough for their support through all these crazy years and teaching me how hard work really pays off.

10545193_850028898442_513726229_oI am so excited for this new opportunity and challenge in my career. Actually, “excited” doesn’t even cut it, but “Angie the Wordsmith” can’t think of any other word to use at this minute (it’s been a long week). I’m excited to have a more normal schedule – this is the most normal it’s ever been – and to have weekends off to spend more time with Zach, my friends, and my family. You know, I just realized this will be my sixth position at WQAD in the six years I’ve been here – from working the 10pm-7am shift as a “Good Morning Quad Cities” Producer… to this.

I actually really loved that job – and each one in between leading up to this one. I loved/love the people I work with, who are – without a doubt – the best news, weather, and sports team in the market and the region. I am very happy – and feel very #blessed – that I get to continue doing what I love to do right here. I’m not cleaning out my desk (even though it probably needs it). I’m not signing off for my last time tonight. I’m not teary-eyed or bitter. The best part about this whole thing is that I get to stay right where I believe I belong. The whole reason I wanted to be a Journalist and want to continue down that career path is because of this community. I fell in love with this job and this community at the exact same time… while I was a student at Augustana College interning at WQAD in 2007. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else telling and sharing stories and I know I wouldn’t be.

It’s the Quad Cities – its people, its causes, its spirit – that makes me love what I do and do what I love.

I hope you’ll tune in and support the all-new News 8 at 9pm. (That’s so much fun to – finally – type/say!) I have many friends (you know who you are) who are already looking forward to getting their news and weather an hour earlier because they struggle to stay awake until 10pm – ha! If you don’t have Mediacom or an antenna, you can easily live-stream the show through I will be posting things on the My TV 8.3 Facebook Page as well in addition to my WQAD Facebook Page and Twitter Account (shameless plug).

IMG_5560I want to close this post with simply saying – Thank you. Thank you to my family for believing in me and pushing me to do better. Thank you to my friends for sending me funny pictures on Saturday nights, rescheduling events to Friday nights, and staying up late for me. Thank you to my co-workers for their support and making work never feel like work. Thank you to Zach for his unconditional love and understanding of how important this all is to me. Finally, thank you to all our viewers who support WQAD and what we do every morning, day, and night – weekend and weekday. I’ll see you all at 9!

– A

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