Galesburg church gives cars to people in a time of need

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For the members of the Northwoods Community Church in Galesburg, the season of giving is a chance to inspire.

"We're inundated with negative news and Twitter feeds, so we just thought this would be a great opportunity to inspire people with a really cool story," Scott Cramer with Northwoods Community Church said.

Each year, they pick families going through a tough time and get them some groceries, but that's not all. They also are giving them a van that was donated from a local business.

One of the people getting a car this year is Dori Oberman, a single mother who doesn't have a working car. She uses her son's car to get around. Last week, members of the church showed up at her door.

"They said they had some groceries for me, which I really appreciated, then they gave me some free oil changes, and my son's car burns oil like nobody's business," Oberman said.

When they gave her the keys to the van, Dori's reaction says it all.

"To see that response and the genuine need and to see that authentic and genuine thanksgiving, it's overwhelming in that moment," Cramer said.

"People that don't even know me just doing what they're called to do by Jesus, that's what that is. It's wonderful. I can't. I can't," Oberman said.

Cramer hopes this one act of kindness can spread to others, no matter how big or small, and now Dori has a car she can drive home for the holidays.

"If the map was correct, it wouldn't have a dot on it, it would have a heart. That's what Galesburg is," Oberman said.

Oberman says the car is running great. She tears up a little bit every time she gets in.

Cramer says they plan on giving a car away to a family in need every year.


Here is the full video from Northwoods Community Church.