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Cat fight over what to do about stray animals in Monmouth

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Dozens of orange fliers cover the streets in one western Monmouth neighborhood.  Judi Kessler says she made the signs as a caution to nearby pet owners.

The neighborhood has had dozens of cats - pets, strays and feral - roaming yards for years.  Some residents like them, and even keep their garage doors cracked for the felines to find shelter, and food out to feed them.

Others say the cats are dirty pests, and they want them out.

One neighbor has requested live traps from the city to catch any animal that goes on her property. The animals trapped would be picked up by animal control; if they're unclaimed after a week, the animal is euthanized.

Officers at Monmouth Animal Control say residents have a right to file an animal nuisance report and get a trap, but traps won't be given out if the weather is threatening to the creature's health.

Kessler says people should expect roaming animals in a city like Monmouth.

"It's an open area. There are a lot of wild animals and domestic animals. Part of living in a community is understanding that animals are going to roam," says Kessler.

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