Winter wonderland not so pretty to drive through

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Travelers on Interstate 80 took special care when driving in this record breaking November snow storm.

"Slow down. Don't try that passing lane. That left wheel will get snow on it, and it will drag you in," says I-80 traveler Don Hadenfeldt.

This was the case for so many cars, so two Iowa State students took matters into their own hands and started keeping count.

"From Ames, Iowa to here, we counted 147 cars and semi trucks in the ditch," says traveler, Lauren Falzone.

The roads seemed to clear up as the day went on, but certain spots caused trouble like bridges and ramps.

"We were traveling in a Chevy, and we were getting off the exit, and it wasn't plowed. We fell about 15 feet down into a ditch," says Bettendorf resident Dema Puzikav.

To avoid this all together, police say if you have to be on the roads, slow down. It's advice these students are taking.

"Don't rush. Take your time. You'll get there eventually. If you go too fast, you're going to end up on our list probably," says Falzone.

And unlike Santa's list, it's one you don't want to be on.

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