Two years later: Washington continues to heal and rebuild

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The Washington community came together to remember the storm that took everything two years ago. The recovery and healing process continues to this day.

A year and half ago you could start to see progress. For Dianna Wara that meant a new foundation.

"We lost everything," said Wara.

Two years ago an EF-4 tornado came through Washington, Illinois, a memory that’s still fresh in many people’s minds. More than 1,000 homes were destroyed or damaged and three lives were taken.

“We heard the tornado warnings go of,f but it was November. I mean we didn’t think anything was going to happen," said Wara.

Two years later the rebuilding continues. Wara has a new home and neighborhoods that were once flattened, exist again.

“You didn’t know where you were. It looked really like a battlefield," said Wara.

Tuesday night a ceremony was held, to serve as a reminder of how strong a community can be when the unpredictable happens.

"We’re healing very well and recovering. I would never say recovered because I don’t know if that's ever going to happen, to be totally recovered, but we’re recovering quite well," said Mayor, Gary Manier.

Out of 26 lots of destroyed homes 20 have been rebuilt.