Strong earthquake hits Greece

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A strong earthquake, with a preliminary magnitude of 6.5, shook the western Greek island of Lefkada Tuesday. According to ABCNews reports, the earthquake was strong enough to damage roads and buildings. The preliminary death toll is two, but could rise. According to local fire officials, an 82 year old woman was killed in the village of Athani when a wall fell on her.

The steep terrain of the area caused damage to some mountain roads and passes. Schools in Lefkada and Kefalonia were closed as a precaution.

Aftershocks were also hitting the island, including one with a 5.2 magnitude, more than an hour after the main quake. Residents are being urged to stay away from structures that appeared damaged from the bigger quake.

According to the USGS, the Mediterranean region is seismically active due to the northward convergence of the African plate into the Eurasian plate. Southern Greece has the highest rate of seismic activity in the region where active volcanoes are also present. Though there is no threat or link to volcanic activity and this earthquake.

Tuesday’s quake was cenetered some 180 miles west of the capital of Athens, Greece.