Sherrard students, fans remember life of basketball coach’s daughter

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She`s a piece of the Sherrard family that is lost, but never forgotten.

Students and fans pay tribute to girl`s basketball coach Doug Swanson`s daughter, Addie, who died suddenly this spring from an unknown illness.

For the first game of the new season, a sea of purple was ready to support their coach.

"Just to be able to have the buy-in and the school spirit and the pride in the program to come up with this on their own and implement it on their own is just awe-inspiring. It`s one of the things that really made me very proud of them," Sherrard Activities Director Chris Harper said.

"It just shows how much pride we have for our community and I hope that, to Coach Swanson, he sees through us that we really care and we really feel for him," Sherrard High School student Kase Cameron said.

The theme is "Swanson Strong," and it`s an emotional night for everyone who is used to seeing Addie at each game, getting the whole gym excited about Tiger basketball.

"A lot of times, and she was very young, only 8, and she would be the one starting cheers for all the parents and get people starting cheers. It was just amazing how someone so small could have such a big voice," Sherrard High School student Grant Redpath said.

"Energetic, and the impact on the community and the fans at every single game. It was incredible to see, honestly," Sherrard High School student Noah Justice said.

The season will go on from here, but for Sherrard, this year has more meaning than just what happens on the court.

"Basketball, and all sports, are about so much more in general. It`s about life, it`s about community," Harper said.

One team, one community, and one family who will carry Addie`s passion for life with them forever.

The school is also raising money for an Adalyn Swanson Memorial Fund through raffles and other activities before games and at halftime through the season.

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