Yoga project offers peace for Veterans with PTSD

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Events were held all over the country, honoring Veterans today, but at St. Ambrose University there was a celebration of a new kind.

People grabbed a mat, got in position and slowly started to unwind. It was your typical yoga class but Wednesday night's class was a little bit different. It was put on to bring aware to the Veterans Yoga Project, a nationwide non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Veterans.

Yoga instructor Calista Crouthamel served eight years in the Marine Corps.

"When I was in the military I was experiencing some health issues and the doctor referred me to a yoga class that was on base," said Crouthamel.

She says yoga was the outlet she needed, "It`s really where I kind of found myself and I found a way to escape from the health issues."

Crouthamel  hope it can help other veterans who need to relieve some stress.

"Trauma is the experience of having no choice and so veterans that have PTSD  that's something that they ran into they did not have a choice in a situation and yoga gives us the opportunity that we live in this present moment. We have that choice to deal with our body," said Crouthamel.

Tonight's event raised more than $100 in donations that will go towards the Veterans Yoga Project.


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