Training for businesses offered in the QC, active shooter incident

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The events that unfolded Monday were a reminder to us all. It can happen anywhere.

"No matter what, we're never going to completely abolish evil and there are bad people everywhere you go," says QCI Firearms Training owner Darin Oberhart.

While nothing is completely preventable, when it comes to active shooting, it's better to be prepared. Everyone needs to have a plan.

Oberhart specializes in self defense and active attacker prevention for businesses. He travels to companies who want to make a safety plan for the workplace. He says every plan is specific to the businesses' needs.

He trains people to run, hide or fight. And he says you don't need a gun to fight.

"You can use improvised weapons like fire extinguishers, chairs, whatever they have available," says Oberhart.

QCI Firearms Training also uses a nationwide program called ALICE. It stands for alert, lock down, inform, counter and evacuate. But just having a plan isn't enough for businesses. It takes implementation and practice just like school fire drills and tornado drills.

Training for businesses is also available through area police departments. It's less customized, but it's also free of charge.

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