No one’s on the ballot for mayoral and council positions in Atalissa

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Literally anyone could be elected mayor in Atalissa, Iowa after election day.

There are no candidates on the ballot for the small town in Muscatine County; voters will have to write in their selections. There are four city openings come this election, including the mayor's office, and three of five city council positions, all of which nobody is running for.

The deadline for a candidate was in September, but nobody turned in their paperwork, said Muscatine County Auditor Leslie Soule.

If a write-in candidate is elected, and they don't want the position, then the city council can appoint someone; however, if three of the two city council openings are not filled, the council would not have a quorum and would have to hold a special election, Soule explained.

"By now they've probably got people that are willing to take the office, and they've probably told people to vote for them," Soule said.

Atalissa's current mayor, Joe Blick, won the last election after receiving the most votes as a write in.