Rauner defends turnaround agenda during Quad City stops

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Gov. Bruce Rauner gets an earful about the budget battle during a stop in Moline on Monday.

"This should have been solved a long time ago," said Deere retiree Jerry Miller.

Miller wonders why there's still no deal.

Rauner blames Democrats for the continued stalemate.

"They've done zero compromise," he said.  "So until they do, we're going to be at an impasse."

Miller, who spent more than 42 years at Deere & Company, is getting more frustrated.

"It's costing all of us," he said.  "It's something that's just totally irresponsible on both sides."

That frustration reaches to the Hill & Valley bakery in Rock Island.

The business used incentives to stay in Rock Island, which also saved 150 local jobs.

But without an Illinois budget in place, it's tough to recruit and retain businesses when competing with other states.

"We just need to get the budget approved, so we can get moving along," said Rock Island Mayor Dennis Pauley.

That could still be months away.  Rauner doesn't offer hope for a solution at a November 18 meeting with Democrats.

"I don't think they're going to offer compromises or creative solutions," he said. "I just don't think that's likely.  But we can get issues out on the table to begin a good conversation."

Rauner is more optimistic about a deal in January 2016.

Until then, the back-and-forth continues.

"It's been going intensely," he continued.  "I've been meeting with Speaker Madigan almost every week for a while."

That's not good enough for folks like Jerry Miller.

"It should never have got to this point," he concluded.


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  • Joe Mamaknows

    Governor Rauner is doing the right thing. State employees are overpaid especially in the white collar area. Much of the work they perform is routine and clerical in nature and does not merit salaries in excess of $75K.

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