Watch: Father, son surprised with Cubs tickets

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A father and son, grieving a loss, have a chance to get away.

It's thanks to the kindness of others.

Jack Bellmyer lost his mother to cancer a few months ago.

"Jack, we heard you are a Cubs fan," said Linda Baserra of the "Ride with Kelly" organization.

"We heard they are in the playoffs. Would you like to go?"

"You got two tickets here."

Jack's dad Jeremy works for Matt Stern of Stern Beverage, Inc. who has season tickets for the Chicago Cubs.

Together, with the "Ride with Kelly" organization, they came up with a way to give Jeremy and Jack a weekend away, with tickets to the game, a place to stay,  and $500 to spend on souvenirs.

"It's worth anything to give them a day," says Baserra.   "Time to take their mind of everything else around them."

"It hasn't been easy," says Jeremy Bellmyer.

"But we put our head down and we do our thing day by day. This is perfect. This is exactly what we need."

This will be Jack's first time going to Wrigley Field.

His dad says Jack is exactly what the Cubs need to come back from their 0-2 start in the series with the New York Mets.


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