Despite possible savings, many community members want to see JB School stay open

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Parents and neighbors in Davenport, Iowa had the chance to speak their mind on whether or not to close JB Young School. The meeting came just two weeks before the Davenport School Board was set to make a decision.

One by one on Monday, October 12, 2015, people stood in front of the Board to speak their mind about the future of JB Young.

"If you want to close JB, I don`t think that will be a good idea,"said one parent.

The school board is looking at the option of closing the school for many reasons, including enrollment. Right now the current enrollment puts the school at 57 percent of its capacity, not to mention JB Young is the most expensive school in the district to run, it costs twice as much. The district expects it could save $2 million by closing it after the 2015-2016 school year.

Despite the savings, most of the people who spoke at the meeting wanted to see the school stay.

"We need to respect the people from the neighborhood and their kids and their voices shouldn't be worth less," said someone from the community.

One parent got emotional talking about how JB Young isn't working for her child.

"If it stays it open- great, but don`t let it continue on the path its going, because it's failing," she said.

While others agree, they say the district isn't doing anything to fix those problems.

"I believe that all kids can learn, regardless where they come from and those who believe that don`t give up on them and I believe that's whats happening to JB," said Clyde Mayfield, who lives in the neighborhood.

If closed, the district would look at making room for offices or businesses or even a community center.

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