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Colona couple proves Cardinals and Cubs fans can get along

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It's one of the biggest rivalries in baseball and for the first time in history they're playing each other in the playoffs. It's not a secret Cubs and Cardinal fans don't like each other, but one couple is proving the two can get along.

The divided house flag outside the Caldwell's house tells you everything.

"Well I thought maybe she had come from a poor gene pool or something you know. I don`t know what could cause that, haha," said Darrell Caldwell, says about his wife.

Darrell is a die-hard Cardinals fan, his wife Stacey a Cubs fan.

"We do not hate each other, we just dislike each other`s teams," said Stacey

This is the first time in history both of their teams are going against each other in the playoffs.

"It`s just a lot of fun. Not everyone goes to bed happy, that`s the way it is," said Darrell.

Watching the games together, they're not the ones to keep the boasting to themselves. They say when it comes to the root of the Cubs and Cardinals hatred for each other, it comes down to the fans.

"The Cubs fans think they know everything and the Cardinal fans think they know everything, but the fact of the matter is the Cardinals have won a lot more than the Cubs have so," said Darrell.

Meanwhile, Stacey says Cardinals fans are cocky.

Even though they both hope the other team loses, Stacey and Darrell say it's all in good fun, proving Cubs and Cardinals fans can be together, under the same roof.