Galesburg High works to find hope out of its grief

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One step at a time, one day at a time, Galesburg High students are learning about a most unexpected subject called grief.

Teens are processing terrible news that two classmates, Kylie Allen and KaLee Pringle, died in a car crash just over a month ago.

"Let us remember them by following their example to reach out to others around us with random acts of kindness," said Galesburg High Counselor Cathy Shenaut.

Counselors speak from their hearts about this tragic loss.

"I will miss her smile the most," said Counselor Ben Bredemeier.  "She had a smile that could lighten up a room or brighten anyone's day."

Fellow teens from Chicago help to deal with this dark cloud.

Using songs and personal stories, the MWAH! Performing Arts Troupe offers hope.

"No matter what obstacles pop up in life, you can overcome them," said Shenaut.

There are warm memories and unrealized dreams.

"It's hard to know that two girls that cared so much about life and about others aren't with us any more," Bredemeier said.

Within the grief, there's a challenge to live with purpose.

"Be a positive role model," Bredemeier concluded.  "Set a positive example, and make a positive difference in somebody else's life."

The school will continue to offer a grief support group.

Counselors say that talking with friends, working out, even volunteering can help to ease the pain.

Day-by-day, step-by-step, remembering two girls in Galesburg.

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