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Architect proposes adding restaurant/bar to Davenport’s skybridge

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Tonight a new plan revealed could change an important part of Davenport's riverfront.

Bill Handle, a Davenport native and retired architect presented an idea to add-on to the end of the skybridge near LeClaire Park.

The design gives people a 360 view of the river. At the top level people would be able to go out on and sightsee. A part of it will have glass floor so people can see the river underneath them. The lower levels would be a bar and restaurant.

"I think anything we put on the river is something that we need to make sure the citizens of Davenport love and will be here for 100 years," said Handle.

Last month the city issued a request for developers to consider land on the riverfront between the former Dock restaurant and the skybridge, but the requests were due last Friday and the city didn't receive any interest. With the Dock to be demolished within the next couple weeks and the gambling boat leaving next year, Mayor Bill Gluba says Handle's idea is a start they need.

"It fits more in line with what I want to see, which is not an office complex," said Mayor Gluba.

Mayor Gluba hopes he can get the levee commission and city council on board too, "I`d love to have them get excited as I am about something like this not necessary not exact, but this concept."

Both the levee commission and city council have not seen Handle's idea. Mayor Gluba says it should be presented to them in the next few weeks to approve or deny.

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