Moline Good Samaritan finds $2,000, returns to owner

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When a Moline man lost $2,000 dollars he thought it was as good as gone, but when he went to file a police report, he found out someone turned the money in. The money was found by a Moline city employee while he was out on the job.

On Wednesday, September 30, 2015, the owner of the money got to thank the employee for his random act of kindness.

Last Thursday it was a normal day for Dennis Crouch, a garbage collector for the City of Moline. He was driving down an alley for a pickup when he noticed an envelope on the ground.

"I also realized there was a whole lot of cash inside the envelope," said Crouch.

$2,000 was in the envelope. Crouch drove around the block looking for the owner, but no one was around. He took the money to his supervisor, who then reported the found money to the police.

"If I was to keep that money, that would be against every core value that I live by and I knew that was not an option so it never crossed my mind," said Crouch.

Doikel Gning had dropped the cash without knowing, he didn't realize it was gone until the next day.

"I kept looking in my car and my apartment in my house and then I realized wow I looked everywhere," said Gning.

When Gning went to the police station, he learned it had already been turned in.

Gning says it's the action from a complete stranger that has restored his faith in humanity.

"We`re living in a very hard times right now, where everybody`s hurting, but we still have out there good people," he said.




    • Jermaine

      Wow! That is like the most ridiculous post I’ve seen today. “What source was the lost money from?” I would say the source was the man that lost it. Maybe he went to the bank to pay for something, or just got paid. You are sitting here making trying to judge or stereotype someone you don’t even know. Wow!

  • Angela

    Cool! Nice to see honest people turning things in. So tired of the opposite. People work hard for things. I know I could never keep something that wasn’t mine. How others do it I will never know.

  • Mary Lehman

    Its nice to know that there are HONEST people, such as THIS city employee. What an upstanding man he is!!

  • Cindy

    Excuse me, no intention of judging or sterotyping with a fact finding question.

    Was the lost money from a paycheck, gambling winnings, lottery, sales, loan, etc…

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